Al Mahmood gets a new building


Al Mahmood Maha Vidyalaya, located in Biyagama, Kelaniya recently celebrated its 14th anniversary and alongside that celebration they also inaugurated a new building. The building was donated by Raed Ahamed Salih Al Kandary.

Al Mahmood Maha Vidyalaya was founded on 11 February 2008. The initiation of this school was a success because of the choice of location. Prior to the establishment of this school, people of Ulahitiwala had to travel all the way to the city to support their children’s education as there weren’t schools in the village. After years of longing for a school in the village, the dweller’s wishes came true when M. M. Dahilan, M. M. Mulawfar, M. Ahamed, and Mohamed Ijlan, a few philanthropists donated land and aided to build the school. The school was opened in presence of the Former Governor Alavi Moulana with only five classes, 105 children, and three teachers.

The first principal of the school, M. M. A Basheer, who was transferred in 2010, served at the school for two years. In 2011, M. T. M. Usman was appointed as the new principal of the school. He is serving the school for 11 years until date.  He made several significant adjustments to the school’s study policies along with his wife, Haleema, who also joined the faculty. When 90 kids passed the grade 5 Scholarship exams and showed promising outcomes, the school was permitted to admit pupils up to grade 11. In 2015, few students sat for Ordinary Level examinations. Up to date, six batches have successfully sat for O/Ls producing good results for the school. The school was placed fifth in Kelaniya by battling with Sinhala medium and also the first in the battle with the Tamil medium. As a result, the school was then granted permission to enroll for Advanced Level Examinations which eventually made the school a Maha Vidyalaya.

A student from the Art stream received 3As in the first round of A/L students’ 2019 exams. That was a significant victory for the school. Even while student education was gradually improving, the school still lacked resources like science and IT labs. However, Raed Ahmad Salih Al Kandary, another benefactor, was able to solve this issue. He was able to donate a brand-new, two-story structure with eight classrooms. With this donation, the school’s shortage of facilities was addressed, putting a smile on every child’s face. Currently, there are 29 teachers and 800 kids enrolled in the school.

(The writer is a student of Al Mahmood Maha Vidyalaya)

By Rasha Aslam