Train delays unavoidable – DGM Railways


Deputy General Manager of Railways, Gamini Seneviratne, said salt deposits and contaminants were causing surface corrosion of railway sleepers and this has weakened the coastal line railway tracks from Fort to Wadduwa. The situation has worsened due to the lack of sufficient spare parts to repair sleepers.

He added that this was the main reason for train delays, which cannot be avoided at the moment.

Speaking to the media, Seneviratne, highlighted that they would receive railway sleepers in April 2023, adding that given the current economic situation, the process of soliciting bids was also in a precarious position.

“However, we are looking for a loan in this regard. In the future, there might be more collisions along the coast. However, we are working to come up with short-term solutions to minimise these mishaps,” he added.

When asked what the speed restriction was between Fort and Wadduwa, Seneviratne said the speed was now 20 kmph.

“However, the timetable was created assuming that trains would run at 40 to 50 kmph. This means that the delay in train journeys cannot be avoided if we are unable to operate at that speed limit,” he said.

In response to train union claims, he said there were instances where certain top officials made contradictory decisions regarding issues at the department. when asked what the speed restriction was between Fort and Wadduwa.

Seneviratne said, a major cause of the spare parts shortage was the cancellation of tenders this year to purchase 7,000 railway sleepers due to increase in prices.

BY Thameenah Razeek