Sanitary napkins to cost less -Trade Minister


Given the rising cost of sanitary napkins and the rise in period poverty, the Ministry of Trade plans to implement a programme to provide sanitary napkins at a reduced cost to schoolchildren.

 Minister of Trade, Nalin Fernando said the price of essential commodities such as rice was being significantly reduced as such reducing the price of sanitary napkins was being considered.

The Minister was attending the launch of a nationwide programme for the formation of consumer committees and the registration of business establishments for the National Business Directory, which took place yesterday (21) at the Ja Ela Divisional Secretariat.

The Minister said consumers can file written complaints about the price and quality of a product through these consumer committees.

“Issuing statements about the quality of a product without accurate data and reports is harmful to the country. Complaints received in this manner will be submitted to the Customer Service Authority by the committee,” he said, adding that he hopes to see this committee grow into a strong one capable of protecting consumers similar to consumer societies in the developing world.

Fernando also said proposals for such committees should be submitted. This committee will implement a programme to identify families struggling to provide daily essential food and will give them special attention and relief.  Further, the Minister said the Ministry has already imported most of the country’s rice requirement, and claims that the price of rice would rise due to the agricultural downturn in the previous season were false due to the government’s rice import programme.

It was stated that all products, including vegetables, fruit and rice, can be produced in the country to make it self-sufficient and a programme to increase production has begun under the direction of the President.

By Thameenah Razeek