NFIs Move Closer to Rs 10B


The bourse enjoyed net foreign inflows (NFIs) for the eighth consecutive market day to yesterday, with yesterday’s figure being Rs 990.36 million, moving NFIs in the calendar year to date to the Rs 10 billion mark, by registering a cumulative NFI value of Rs 9.91 billion.

The last time prior to yesterday the bourse enjoyed NFIs for at least eight consecutive market days was 16 calendar days ago, where for 15 consecutive market days, from 16 August 2022 to 5 September 2022, the bourse enjoyed consecutive NFIs.

Subsequently, the ASPI gained by 2.09 per cent to 9,913.22 points and the S&P SL Index by 0.45 per cent to 3,199.94 points on a Rs 4.62 billion turnover yesterday. A total of 112.57 million shares changed hands at yesterday’s trading.

The ‘spot’ closed unchanged for the fifty seventh consecutive market day at Rs 360/364 to the US dollar in two-way quotes yesterday (Wednesday, 21 September), market sources told Finance Today. 

By Paneetha Ameresekere