Tinsin town protests unfinished road work


A protest was held at Tinsin town, Bogawantalawa on 20 September demanding the refurbishment of the Norwood-Bogawantalawa main road to be resumed.

Protesters said, the road had been originally planned to be carpeted two years ago but lamented that its renovation had failed to get off the ground.

The protest was organised by local three-wheel drivers, bus drivers, owners of busses and businessmen.

They stated that though the 15 km stretch of road was planned to be carpeted, but construction work had failed to start resulting in commuters now having to use the road in its dilapidated condition.

When contacted a source from the Road Development Authorityoffice in Norwood said road works will resume shortly as it was stalled due to the scarcity of fuel and tar in the recent past.

BY Neeta PathmaKumari – Norwood