President urges Diaspora in UK to invest in SL


President Ranil Wickremesinghe invited Sri Lankans living in the United Kingdom to join the new investment opportunities created in Sri Lanka and get involved in the novel initiative called ‘The Diaspora Office Project.’

He said the Foreign Ministry is working on the project and it shall be under the President’s Office, adding that after some time it will come under the Foreign Ministry, as it will take over international trade.

President Wickremesinghe, who visited the United Kingdom to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, met the Sri Lankan Diaspora on Monday (19) afternoon.

Many Sri Lankan businessmen, investors, and professionals living in the United Kingdom attended the meeting organised by the Sri Lankan High Commission. The President explained the future plans of the new government of Sri Lanka and invited Sri Lankans living there to join the new investment opportunities created in the country.

He said the question of land in the North is the question which started off as missing persons and the reparation due to them. “This must be got out of the way. Look at some of the basic issues of devolution. What is heartening is that seven Chief Ministers outside the North and East and the Opposition Leader gave a set of proposals in 2018 when we were revising the Constitution. Members, Chief Ministers from the North and East agreed with it, so we can go ahead with it,” he said. 

Speaking further, the President said 500,000 people of Sri Lankan origin identifying themselves as first or second generation live in the United Kingdom.

“We want everyone to get involved. People of every ethnicity in the North. Not only in the North, they can also invest in the South. Some of you may have relations in the South or the East who you may want to help. No problem. See how you can help Sri Lanka,” he said.