Nirj Deva receives top honorary diplomatic positions with ambassadorial rank


Chevalier Niranjan de S  Deva Aditya former Member of the British Parliament and Vice President of the European Parliament with special responsibility for International Development for 20 years overseeing the EU development budget of
30 billion Euros has been appointed Senior Adviser on EU Affairs to the President and Presidential Envoy to Western Europe and the Commonwealth of Nations.

He has declined to be remunerated. He will have oversight of promoting closer trading links with Europe UK and the Commonwealth securing freer trade arrangements for Sri Lanka with greater market access for Sri Lankan exports of goods and services where possible working closely with Sri Lankan missions abroad in the territories assigned to him and the proposed International Trade Office being set up by President Wickremesinghe.

A Knight of the Papal See, a Vishwa Kirithi Sri Lanka Abhimani, as one  His Majesty King Charles III  Deputy Lieutenants for the Lord Lieutenancy of Greater London on the Eve of the Funeral of   Queen Elizabeth Queen of Ceylon from 1952 to1972 and Head of the Commonwealth Hon Deva Aditya  hosted a remembrance service and dinner in memoriam of Her Late Majesty at the Army and Navy Club attended by President Wickremesinghe and Maithree Wickremesinghe Baroness Patricia Scotland Sec General of the Commonwealth, David Cameron Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 2010-2016, Secretary of State for the Environment Rt Ranil Jayawardena MP,  the former Deputy PM and Minister for Trade Rt Lord Lilley Minister of International Trade for the UK Rt Conor Burns MP   Minister of Sustainable Development Lord Callanan, Chairman of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council overseeing over a million businesses in the Commonwealth Lord Marland, the author of World renowned House of Cards film series and former  Chairman of the Conservative Party Lord Michael Dobbs President of the Institute for Free Trade Lord Hannan, former UK Secretary of State for Health Baroness Bottomley, Father of the House of Commons Rt Sir Peter Bottomley MP Former Governor of Central Bank and Economic Adviser to Finance Minister Dr. Indrajit Coomaraswamy,Managing Director of FTI Consulting Daniel Hamilton Sri Lanka High Commissioner Saroja Sirisena, Chief of Protocol   Senerath Dissanayake Senior Private Secretary to President Sandra Perera and Director of Foreign Bureau of the Presidents Office Dinuk Colomobage.