MCPA urges Govt to conduct malnutrition survey


Medical and Civil Rights Professional Association of Doctors (MCPA) urged the Government to carry out a scientific analysis on the level of malnutrition in poorer areas of Colombo, its suburbs and other rural areas of Sri Lanka.  

MCPA President, Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa yesterday (20) said that measures should be taken to carry out scientific assessment on children and pregnant women living in tenement gardens, flats and poorer parts of the Colombo where people are severely affected by the current economic crisis.

He said, the level of malnutrition in Hambantota is at 80 per cent. “The situation in villages is more dangerous than what the politicians in Colombo paint it to be. According to a community survey conducted in areas like Lunugamwehera and Suriyawewa in the Hambantota District, the number of families suffering from malnourishment is rapidly increasing”.

The MCPA President said, a recent poll conducted by MCPA revealed that the acute malnutrition level is about 30 per cent among children. It was also revealed that 50 per cent of children are malnourished at a medium level.

Dr. Sanjeeva stated that it is very clear from the growth records of children that malnutrition is on the rise and that politicians and public officials commenting on the issues from Colombo should pay attention to the vulnerable situation fast spreading in rural parts of the island.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne