SANASA Life records fastest growth rate


Despite the adverse socio-economic challenges in the country, SANASA Life Insurance Company has reassured their position to be the Fastest Growing Life Insurance Company in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Insurance Association published the performance report of life insurance companies for the 2Q 2022 of which SANASA Life Insurance Company was ranked 9th among the Life Insurance Companies in the country by achieving a growth rate of 81.5%, surpassing all life insurance companies after recording a superior growth performance during the first half of 2022. It is unique that SANASA Life, which was ranked 11th last year, has been ranked 09th, beating many companies within a year.

In the first 06 months of the year 2022, SANASA Life has recorded a GWP of Rs 1,307 million which is a massive growth rate of 81.5% compared to last year, a spokesman said

In 2003, SANASA obtained the licence to operate as a Life Insurance Company and since its inception it has been making revolutionary changes in the Sri Lankan life insurance industry. Recognising its social responsibility as a life insurance company, SANASA Life reinstated inactive life insurance policies of over 20,000 policy holders who failed to pay insurance premiums during the last Covid-19 epidemic period free of charge. 

SANASA Life, which is  closer to the people at the rural grassroots level, is also providing its services to its customers through the network of SANASA Societies spread all over the island, he added.