Provincial Football League a waste of money – Amanullah


Under-23 Men’s National Football head coach Mohideen Mohamed Amanullah believes the Provincial Football League conducted by Football Sri Lanka (FSL) in January 2022 was a waste of money. He disclosed this at a media briefing in Colombo yesterday.

“A lot of money has been wasted playing the Provincial tournament. What is the advantage we got playing this tournament? All the benefits should be given to players, but at least a thousand rupees was not given to a player. At least did it benefit the country? No. We had only injuries playing matches without any rest,” said Amanullah.

 Former Sri Lanka football great Amanulla was part of the team led by Sampath Perera which won the SAFF Cup for the first time in 1995 in Colombo (previously known as SAARC Gold Cup). He was awarded the ‘Golden Boot’ at this tournament. He played for Renown and later coached the National Under-19 team at the South Asian tournament. Amanulla possesses an ‘A’ coaching licence along with his Level 3 certificate from the England FA (Football Association). 

The former captain also urged the Sports Minister to conduct an inquiry into alleged irregularities committed by the current administration under President Jaswar Umar.

“It is said there is corruptions here. I request Sports Ministry to take necessary action and urge Sports Minister to look into the matter and see how much corruption has taken place, because all these are players money,” he further added.

Earlier, former Presidents of the FFSL, Ranjith Rodrigo and Anura de Silva, also highlighted a raft of allegations regarding financial misappropriation against the incumbent President of FSL.

Pic By: Kelum Chamara

By Mustaq Sydeen