Devananda meets District officials for updates


Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda appealed to all officials in the Kilinochchi District yesterday (19) to stop working in a way that might obstruct development efforts.

At the Kilinochchi District Secretariat, Minister Devananda met with state sector representatives from the district for updates on several projects, including fisheries.

The Minister of Fisheries stated that 196 development projects had been planned, of which 178 have already been completed and others are moving forward.

He also stated that officials had brought to his attention about project that had been halted due to the ongoing economic crisis.

“A large stretch of land the people in the North used to farm on had been taken over by the Department of Forest Conservation claiming that it belongs to them.

No room can be left for this in any way. I am continually working to get back those lands for agricultural activities. Discussions must be held to release those lands before the commencement of Yala Season,” the Fisheries Minister said.

“Every completed development project in the Kilinochchi District must be used for the benefit of the people in the district. Attention has been paid on progressing projects so they can be completed as soon as possible. The officials must take much care to promote home gardens to maintain food security in the district”.

By Naalir Jamaldeen