Assistance granted to 26 persons- Douglas


Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda said they have provided financial assistance to 26 people in Pooneryn to promote seaweed farming. Under the second phase of providing financial assistance to develop the fishery industry as well as the economic and living standards of a large number of fishery families, Rs 50,000 was given to each person.

Minister Devananda also said it is planned to bring more foreign income through it to resolve the country’s economic crisis.

Devananda added that it has been planned to grant financial aid of Rs 100,000 to each selected fishery family to develop seaweed farming.

Meanwhile, Devananda said with a view to empower women depending on fresh water fish processing in Kilinochchi and Iranamadu, the Fisheries Ministry presented Rs 150,000 worth dried fish packing machines to women engaging in the industry.

By Naalir Jamaldeen