In the last two years, Her Highness Youth Organisation (Guarantee) Limited has been a growing digital platform that has given a voice to the voiceless.

Despite a great deal of progress in Sri Lanka, women and youth are still facing economic, political and cultural discrimination and barriers in their day-to-day life.

Youth today faces all sorts of hindrances during their fight to revive. From lacking the rights to educate themselves further, to barely having an independent say in their own lives; our society is failing to address the value of women and youth, leaving them with little to no self-esteem.

Youth today have become a product of external motivation, due to pressure and lack of guidance in all aspects of life. Closed doors, poor exposure to opportunities and outdated beliefs are cutting their journey short. The lack of encouragement from the roots, have left the youth and women in a position of disempowerment.

Her Highness is a supportive non-profit organisation founded by Nuha Rizan (Founder/Directress- HH, Author of Inner Wings, NLP Practitioner (NFNLP, USA), Research Data Analyst and BSc Psychology and Counselling – Coventry, UK) with the motto to ‘Empower youth to change their own lives.’ established back in 2020. The organisation has grown into its motive, having given out opportunities to women and youth of all ages, making space for them to step in with the intent of becoming better people.

The orgnisation firmly believes that our youth are the future of tomorrow, and that every step matters. They also believe that empowerment is best acquired by individuals themselves.

The oganisation’s vision is to look forward to setting a future of liberty and educational, political, psychological, economical and social empowerment that the youth today are devoid of. To add more to life than culture, Her Highness is working relentlessly on broadening perspectives and building refreshed mindsets, granting a life with freedom for the future generations.

Their organisation is committed to empower women to voice their thoughts and struggles of living in today’s society, by reaching out to the youngsters who face battles in every aspect possible, trying to gain basic privileges. Her Highness yearns to bring out the talented attributes of every one of them; and provide them with numerous opportunities to rediscover and unleash their potentials, bringing forward a class of equal contributors in a sophisticated community.

How have we contributed towards the community?

“We’ve established a committee of wonder women who are leading projects based on eight different Training Avenues – Leadership and Personality Development, Public Speaking, Culture and Values, Motivation and Empowerment, Career Guidance, Life Skills, Counselling; and Social Service and Women Welfare,” Nuha added, “These Avenues are the living results of our objectives when put to action! Several developmental and practical workshops are conducted on a regular basis, to connect our motives among the youngsters. We’re bringing in skilled Resource Persons into our workshops, and we hope to see our members become a resourceful asset towards the society, someday.”

Furthermore, #HerHighnessCommunityInitatives are projects led by our fellow Her Highness volunteers to benefit youngsters, teenagers and women in our society. They have been successfully organising several charitable projects, public workshops and motivational sessions for those in need.

The journey so far has been an unforgettable experience to the Her Highness family. They’ve observed their family transform and develop into countless miracles that all their members are proud to be a part of.

And as noted by Nuha, they aim to keep doing what it takes to make change in both the community and country. Through invigorating mindsets and lifting each other, the love to give back to the community increases. “We’re aiming to succeed. Together, we can redefine our community, our goals; and our lives,” shares the Her Highness organisation.

To support or inquire, you can contact the organisation on their social media platforms.

By F. Zahra Yoonus