Healthy relationships and wellness


We are known to be social creatures. We love to interact with others, to be loved, to be accepted, to be included, and to be respected by our fellow humans. We love to give back love, to care for others, to share our lives with others and to feel we belong and owned by our loved ones. This is why we have families and friends. This is a basic human emotional need and sometimes even a craving.

Even the most extreme introvert needs this emotional need to be fulfilled and it is a fact. This is because we need a support system and someone that we can always rely on to have our backs during our grimmest moments in life along with someone to share our brightest sunshine moments in life. This is different from being dependent or being an emotional wreck. Even the strongest human beings need the support, care and acceptance of their loved ones.

This support could be emotional support, physical support, social support and financial support. And this support system greatly affects one’s mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Therefore, having healthy relationships in life is greatly important for our wellness. Just as healthy human relationships are important, unhealthy human relationships are greatly unhealthy to one’s mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Thus, it is important to carefully choose the humans in our lives. Some human relationships such as those with our family members, are beyond our control and are not our choice. When such human relationships are unhealthy, it is important to understand and take measures to protect our well-being from being devoured by toxic unhealthy relationships.

Why are healthy human relationships important?

We need someone to listen to us and not judge us. Those who truly love us will never judge us, but will surely accept us for who we are. Also, those who truly support us are willing to listen to us whenever we need someone to share our thoughts. Such people make us feel comfortable to open up and help us ease our emotional pain. They understand our fears, pains and worries. They also help us find solutions and in many cases will be there with us in our worst nightmares.

We also need someone to share our happiest moments. Sometimes, when you realise that there is no one you can share a very exciting moment in your life with, it may be sad.

Healthy human relationships are important to make you feel valued. Loved ones make you feel valued. It is natural to feel worthless and often to question your value when one has experienced toxic human relationships.

Healthy human relationships will boost your confidence, and enhance the faith you have in yourself. They often remind you of the importance of self love and how valuable you are.

A happy mind is always important to be physically healthy. Sometimes, when we are sad, worried, scared or depressed, our eating habits change. Our immune system gets messed up. We tend to neglect our bodies. In such situations, when we are surrounded by healthy human relationships, we are always reminded to take care of ourselves and in times that we forget to take care of ourselves there are people who do so.

Not only humans, all animals grow and glow with love. Even plants thrive well when they are given love and care. Love is truly magical. Hence, healthy human relationships will uplift our moods, help us solve problems, make wise decisions, and grow in life.

Also, it is a fact that humans love physical touch. A warm hug, pat on the head and holding hands has truly magical healing powers.

We also must remember that to be loved, it is important to give love. As much as you expect healthy human relationships from others, never forget to be a good human being and be the reason that people around you smile. Always make sure you are also someone’s support system. Try to apply this love, care and compassion beyond humans and also towards all living beings.

By Ama H.Vanniarachchy