Cinnamon celebrates the pursuit of wellness and wellbeing


In a world full of troubles, taking care of yourself is more important than ever, going beyond simple physical fitness. This is why in celebration of the pursuit of wellness and wellbeing, Cinnamon hotels are making wellness week extra special with an assortment of activities to help bring wellbeing to the centre of our lives.

Throughout this weekend, Cinnamon will be holding a series of exciting experiences to help nurture a state of well-being, in mind, body and soul throughout its hotels located in the city of Colombo.

It all begins with a crucial component of wellness, nutrition. This year’s Wellness Month at Cinnamon kicks off with a celebration of National Nutrition Week.

Cinnamon Lakeside will offer a Healthy Corner at The Dining Room from 10 am to 2 pm daily from the 1st to the 7th of September while the healthy corner at Cinnamon Grand will be in operation throughout the month at the Coffee Stop daily from 7 am to 11 am.

Conquer your Everest

But that’s not all. This weekend, guests at Cinnamon lakeside will be able to be part of ‘Conquer YOUR Everest,’ an occasion like no other as you join Savitri Rodrigo in conversation with none other than Johann Peiris, who conquered the world’s highest point.

This will take place at 8 Degrees on the Lake, Cinnamon Lakeside followed by sundown cocktails and canapés.

Return to roots

Connect with the energy of the world while improving your strength, balance and flexibility through the early morning “Yoga with Dilini” of T&A Fitness, at the newly refurbished Nuga Gama at Cinnamon Grand followed by a healthy local breakfast.

Sway to the beat

Cinnamon Lakeside will come alive on Saturday, 17 September by 5.00 pm with the lovely Alberto and Tarja. ‘Dance Fit with Tarja’ as you sway to the beat, followed by Dinner at The Dining Room.

Don’t forget ‘the Spin class with Alberto’ on the poolside rooftop in Cinnamon City Club, followed by cocktails at the Breeze Bar, Cinnamon Grand Colombo on the same date as well.

Your masterpiece

Get in touch with your creative side on Sunday the 18, 5 pm at Cinnamon Red’s Flavoured, an “Art Spa with Dila” where canvasses, paints, colours, art, relaxation and complete healing to the mind, body and soul, cocktails and canapes at sundown with a special giveaway from Healing Island, will be the order of the day.

Partnering with some of the best Sri Lanka has to offer, Cinnamon Colombo is excited to share these many experiences with its guests, in celebration of wellness. We also learnt that each and every one of these events are paired with an exciting food and beverage experience for all of its guests.

True to Sri Lankan values

“Although Wellness has been an integral part of what we are, this increased emphasis on Wellness is something that we believe helps us align ourselves better with the global rising interest in holistic wellbeing and mindfulness, taking care of the people and the planet,” shared the General Manager of Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts, Kamal Munasinghe.

“Our objective is to create awareness and remind people that wellness is a choice. It can be as simple as changes in a diet or a simple mindset change. We therefore invite everyone to come and experience what we have to offer and make positive changes that can have a lasting impact”.

Ventures such as Nuga Gama are a testament to this fact. “You don’t have to go far from Colombo to have the authentic Sri Lankan village experience,” he added. “Then there’s also our vision on sustainable design and practices.”

From giving preference to local ingredients, “80 percent local and 20 percent imports,” to cultivating our own produce in vegetable patches in our own restaurant premises, to paying close attention to ensure our suppliers are operating sustainably and responsibly, to even exploring methods of converting used cooking oil to bio-fuel as an export, GM Munasinghe revealed that Cinnamon has been a brand consciously made decisions to help its guests be part of a guilt-free experience with focus on wellbeing.

Out and in

But wellbeing and wellness at Cinnamon isn’t limited to only its guests. “Cinnamon conducts a number of programmes for the benefit and wellbeing of our team members as well,” Munasinghe shared.

From special programmes on mental wellbeing, to female empowerment and opportunities to discuss any challenges they may face with management, to even wellness challenges to encourage team members to become more conscious of meeting wellness goals this weekend.

We also learnt of special attention given to empower staff with skills training, is not only concerned about promoting the wellness if its guests, but employees as well.

“In focus of this, we’ve launched and are continuing to launch a number of programmes internally for our staff to be empowered, take on new challenges and achieve a state of wellbeing in their lives as well. Because we believe it is through this that we can best support our guests as well”.

Living in wellness

A Sri Lankan brand remaining true to its values in wellbeing, Cinnamon is setting a new trend in encouraging a state of wellbeing among its guests as well as its team members. Why not drop by Cinnamon’s city hotels today and be part of this wellness experience.

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage