Baby Care bags Bronze for the best E-commerce website


Baby Care (Pvt) Ltd., was awarded the bronze award in the Best E-Commerce Website category during Sri Lanka’s prime technological award ceremony organised by

The main reason for achieving this success is the website is based on creativeness, user-friendliness, contemporariness, and secureness which resulted in often attention and reference of customers.  

 “Supplying only high-quality products for our customers along with great customer care is the reason why our Company could thrive success for decades. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the staff members who helped to achieve this success”, said IT Director L.H. Kasun Ganeendra. Any item for mothers-to-be and infant to preschooler can be bought from Babycare either retail or wholesale. Mainly the Company is engaged in operations like imports, manufacturing and distribution while supplying products for both local and international clients contributing to bring foreign remittance inside the country. The Company also, has an internationally-recognised product line from their own brand name babycare.”