Wild jumbo population exceeds 7,000


The wild elephant population in Sri Lanka has exceeded 7,000, the Department of Wildlife Conservation said.

They said while over 5,600 wild elephants had been reported in Sri Lanka to date, recent statistics revealed an increase in the wild elephant population.

The Department, however, observed there has been a decrease in the number of tuskers in Sri Lanka, while adding that a total of 142 tuskers have been recorded from Sri Lankan forests.

Commenting on the disappearance of over 350 wild elephants roaming around Minneriya, Girithale, and Parakrama Samudra, wildlife officials emphasised that since the said locations were full of water throughout this year, a large number of wild elephants have migrated to other areas in search of food.

It was also revealed that due to the migration of wild elephants to other areas, the damage caused by wild elephants to the people in such areas has increased.