QR ‘food supply’ pass in the wings


Following the success of the QR fuel pass, Divulapitiya UNP organiser Dr. Kithsiri Manchanayake noted that President Ranil Wickremesinghe intends to implement a QR system for the food supply network beginning in early October.

While speaking to the Media at Sirikotha, Dr. Manchanayake stressed that the President is committed to food security and dealing with a possible food crisis expected to happen in the future.

He said India had suspended food exports and the Government is unable to import lentils due to the recent floods in Pakistan. “As a result of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the price of wheat flour has skyrocketed, and there is a flour shortage in both the international and domestic markets. We had predicted that such a situation would arise in the country nearly two years ago. The previous administration paid little attention to this issue. We need to create a home role model for food security and nutrition, as well as what kind of measures can be taken in the future to deal with a food crisis,” Manchanayakke says.

Further, he said President Wickremesinghe has formed a committee to handle this matter which will incorporate the latest technology. He highlighted that a food security programme has been implemented in the country, covering every Grama Niladhari Division, and that necessary arrangements have been made to cultivate crops suitable for specific regions.

“With the introduction of the QR system into the food supply chain, farmers who have suffered losses due to a lack of a suitable market place will breathe a sigh of relief,” Dr. Manchanayake said.

“If there is surplus in a particular area, the farmers can bring it to the attention of the Government through this system and the Government will take necessary action to transport it to areas experiencing a shortage of that particular food item. The Grama Niladhari divisions experiencing the shortage of a particular food item can be detected via this system. For the first time food security programme is to be introduced in Sri Lanka under the administration of President Wickremesinghe,” he concluded.

BY Naalir Jamaldeen