Election chief says polls system corrupt, useless


Chairman of the National Election Commission Nimal Punchihewa claimed that the electoral system in Sri Lanka is corrupt and ineffective.

He also said almost all political parties that demand the abolition of Executive Presidency because it gives immense power to a single person, have no democracy within their own parties and are in the clutches of one person or a group.

He claims that these parties frequently practise dictatorship and do not allow juniors to think beyond what the leader dictates. He noted that when these parties form committees, all power is concentrated in one person or one location.

“The main issue arises once these contestants become leaders. This is a major issue that the Commission must address. During election season, we normally publicise ethics to be followed by parties in all three languages. They are abandoned on day one. The complainant and the parties work as they please, and as the Commission, we can only watch and do nothing,” he explained.

Further, he said he wants to legalise ethics and make it legal to take legal action against people who do not follow ethics. He suggested that the contestants be given full duty time.

BY Thameenah Razeek