Work on 17 foreign-funded projects in the North Central Province has been halted due to the fuel shortage in the country, project directors said.

This was revealed in the progress review meeting of the operational projects under foreign funds held at the North Central Provincial Council Auditorium under the chairmanship of North Central Province Governor Maheepala Herath.

This fuel shortage has had a significant impact on the Mahaweli Water Project, which transports Mahaweli water from the Moragahakanda Dam to Mahakanadarawa via Hurulu Wewa.

This project includes a tunnel as well as canals. The project’s fuel requirement for one month is 100,000 litres of diesel.

At the moment, it is not possible to obtain that. In addition, the modernisation of more than 400 inland tanks in the North Central Province had commenced, and development work has ceased.

Furthermore, engineers in charge of the project have stated that the Integrated Road Investment Programme, or I Road Project, has halted the construction of a number of roads where carpeting had begun.

In addition to the lack of fuel, Viyapruthi officials presented information about the inability to obtain black stones due to a scarcity of materials such as gunpowder. The Governor said he will discuss the issues with the President’s Secretary and attempt to find solutions.

By Sumedha Karunaratne – Mihinthale