Production in ‘frozen market’ should be increased – AIPA


With the price of chicken increasing in the ‘wet market,’ by Rs 50, the All Island Poultry Association (AIPA) urged Government authorities to help increase production in the ‘frozen market’ to control the price of meat.

Accordingly, 1 kg of chicken now sells for Rs 1,450.

AIPA Chairman, Ajith Gunasekara yesterday (14) said, there were all possibilities for the price of meat to see a further increase with escalating prices of electricity, water, and the shortage of raw materials to produce poultry food.

“We have already appealed to Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera, the Department of Animal Production and Health, and the Ministry of Livestock Development. Appeals were made to provide the surplus imported rice as chicken feed,” he said, adding however that the ban of using imported and local rice as animal feed proved an obstacle in obtaining poultry food.

Gunasekara explained that the closure of medium and small poultry farms which catered largely to the ‘wet market’ situated in Bastian Mawatha and Ja-Ela upped the price of chicken to Rs 1,450. Live fowls are purchased on a daily basis for meat. This particular section of the poultry industry caters to eateries. The closure of small and medium farms has dealt a severe blow to them, as they have to find farms to purchase animals. Therefore, the cost of transport, employee wages, and the existing shortage has led to the increase.

The AIPA Chairman said, the frozen market depends on “market prices” – similar to the price of vegetables and fish. “The AIPA cannot take that decision,” he stressed. 

By Dilanthi Jayamanne