Police save woman from armed kidnappers


Two individuals who abducted a woman had been arrested by Police. Police said the woman was kidnapped yesterday morning (14) while on her way to work at a garment factory in Dikwella.

The suspects were on the Southern Express with their hostage and had been leaving via the Baddegama exit. The officers on duty at the toll booth saw a person in the backseat of the car covering the mouth of the woman.

The officers had alerted the Baddegama Traffic Department about the incident. Police observed that the suspect had locked the doors of the car and was holding the woman by force with a sharp weapon.

A Police sergeant at the scene had fired a warning shot in the air and other officers had quickly broken open the back-door glass of the car and had pulled out the suspect and the woman.

The woman and suspect were admitted to Baddegama Hospital for cut injuries and the driver of the car was arrested by the Police.

Police said, the arrested suspect is a 23-year-old resident of Walasmulla and the wounded suspect is also a resident of Walasmulla.

It was reported that an extramarital relationship had led to the kidnapping.

Baddegama Police are conducting further investigations.

BY Aloka Kasturiarachchi