NPHDS urges donors to confirm donation


The Northern Province Department of Health Services (NPDHS) has urged those who made donations to any hospital, health institution or government health care facility in the Province to obtain a letter from the head of the institution stating that it had received the donation.

Northern Provincial Director Health Services,Dr.Dilip H. Liyanage said the letter should include facts such as the date and time of donation, details regarding the value of the value or amount of the donation that had been received. He said the registration number confirming that the donation received had been entered in the institutional donation register should also be included in the letter.

The signature with the official seal of the head of the institution who received the donation should also be included in the letter. A copy of the donation confirmation letter received from the head of the health institution should be sent to the Northern Provincial Director Health Services, Central Audit Department and the Provincial Audit Department of the Northern Province by registered post or fax.

Dr. Liyanage noted that a copy to the PDHS could also be sent to 077 3868 579 through WhatsApp, Viber, Signal or Telegram apps.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne