MCPA accuses Health Ministry of lethargy


The Medical and Civil Rights Professional Association of Doctors (MCPA) accused the Health Ministry of being unable to resolve several of the burning issues which had been brought to its attention during the past nine months.

They appealed to President Ranil Wickremesinghe for a meeting to discuss the long drawn out issues.

MCPA President, Dr. Chamal Sanjeewa said that his outfit had written to President Wickremasinghe requesting a meeting to brief him on the lethargic attitude of the Health Ministry regarding the pressing health issues, which assailed the health service and the public at large.

While the Health Secretary accused the UNICEF of having given wrong information on child malnutrition, it is apparent that Health Minister Keheliya Rambukwella and his officials are not interested in finding feasible solutions to such issues, he lamented.

Identifying the issues which need to be addressed Dr. Sanjeewa said a social survey should be conducted within a short period of time to obtain accurate information on the current crises at health sector.

“There is pharmaceutical shortage and increasing prices of medicinal drugs. Furnish the country’s health service with strategies that can contribute to national development according to the principles of health economics.  Also a survey should be conducted with regard to the appointments of permanent hospital administrators. Information in relation to the various ideas related to malnutrition spreading in the country, empowering the District and Provincial Directors, in relation to the ideologies related to malnutrition spreading in the country, should be obtained as well,” he said.

The MCPA President said, they also hoped to discuss the possibilities of obtaining the required funds for post graduate training of medical practitioners and resolving the issues raised regarding doctors who have been wronged due to disciplinary investigations conducted in a highly biased manner based on political vendettas during the previous government.

He noted that the MCPA hoped to meet President Wickremasinghe within the course of this week.

By Dilanthi Jayamanne