Magistrate warns Fort Police


Colombo Additional Magistrate M.S. Prabhakaran yesterday (14), warned the Fort Police for producing an individual on charges of tooting his horn to the tune of ‘kaputu kaak kaak kaak’.

Fort Police on Saturday (10) seized the licence of the individual, who is a lawyer by profession, and asked him to appear before Courts for tooting his horn to the commonly used tune of the anti-Government protests, ‘kaputu kaak kaak kaak’ in the vicinity of Galle Face Green.

The Magistrate warned the Police for producing the individual on the basis that Police should know the law before producing anyone in Courts.

Saliya Peiris PC, appearing for the accused, observed that such a charge was in violation of the Fundamental Rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

The lawyer was discharged yesterday (14).

BY Faadhila Thassim and Hansi Nanayakkara