Govt trying to delay elections – PAFFREL


People’s Action for Free & Fair Elections (PAFFREL) said there are strong suspicions that the Government is trying to delay the elections by misleading the public through talks of holding a referendum and bringing election reforms.

PAFFRELExecutive Director, Rohana Hettiarachchi, said though the proposal to introduce election reforms is a timely move, the Government needs to clarify those reforms to the voters, without being vague.

He charged, no draft has been formulated so far with regard to the election reforms. Hettiarachchi stressed that only the Government Parliamentary Group had signed it, while not a single Opposition MP has signed it thus far.

Hettiarachchi also added that there is a strong possibility that the Provincial Council Election will get further delayed, as the necessary reforms are yet to be passed in Parliament.

By Vineetha M. Gamage