Fishing communities in limbo – FSP


The authorities have failed to provide any solution to the crises faced by fishing communities in the country, Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) Education Secretary, Pubudu Jayagoda said.

The fishing communities are facing hardships as there is a fuel crisis and mainly due to the high price of fuel and kerosene, he said, adding that the price of kerosene was suddenly.increased from Rs 87 to Rs 340.

As a result, fishermen who use kerosene to power their boats are facing many difficulties while engaging in their livelihood, he pointed out.

Speaking to the media, he also said lubricating oil is required for boat operations, but the prices of that oil has also increased. 

“A bottle of lubricating oil costs about Rs2,000. For a boat that uses 50 litres of kerosene, Rs 5,000 worth of lubricating oil should be used. Not only the cost of fuel and oil, there are also other expenses when fishing. It has become very difficult for the fishermen to engage in their occupation,” he stressed.

He said hundreds of people are being pressured because of the present situation.

“Fishermen would not be able to use the small boats that operate with kerosene for a long time. And because of this there will be a shortage of fish. Owing to this, there could be a protein deficiency among the people,”Jayagoda stressed.

He also stressed that Sri Lankans used to consume meat and fish to fulfil their protein requirement. However, with exorbitant prices, people have stopped buying fish and meat. Also, fish cannot be sold at lower prices due to expenses incurred, Jayagoda pointed out.

He also lamented while ordinary citizens are facing such hardships, the Government keeps appointing ministers and squandering resources.

By Aloka Kasturiarachchi