Corrupt coming out of the woodwork again – Sajith


Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa claimed that corrupt politicians who were in hiding during the mass protests have come out of their dens to continue the same old sinister agendas.

“Those responsible for the economic crisis have come back to deceive the public just like they did during the Presidential Election in 2019 and General Election in 2020”.

Addressing the media, Premadasa questioned how the Government has money to post 37 State Ministers and 20 Cabinet Ministers, during a severe economic crisis.

“It is said that 12 more Cabinet Ministers will be appointed in the future. But the Government has failed to compensate the fishermen and farmers and provide a livelihood to those who have lost jobs,” he stressed.

He also said that the people, especially the youth who demanded a system change, are being suppressed by the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA).

“These are the agendas of the Rajapaksa clan. The current President who was appointed by 134 SLPP MPs is just doing a favour for them,” he alleged.

BY Nabiya Vaffoor