All should unite to battle drug menace – NADF


All parties should come together, as early as possible, to formulate a national programme to combat drug abuse, Convener National Anti-Drug Front (NADF), Chathura Liyanarachchi said.

Liyanarachchi claimed that the use of dangerous drugs had seen a tremendous increase since the Covid -19 pandemic in 2020 till the present economic crisis. Unfortunately the attention given by authorities has decreased within this period. The use of dangerous substances has led to increase the poverty level in village areas. Although most recent statistics were unavailable, going by requests for assistance for rehabilitation, complaints of drug abuse and the increasing drug–related violence the situation was fast going out of control, he lamented.

The relevant authorities, including the National Dangerous Drugs Control Board (NDDCB), should focus their attention towards combating the use of dangerous substances. He called on the Ministries of Public Security and Defence to enforce the law and crackdown on those responsible for the facilitation of drug abuse. 

The NADF Convener called for the said authorities to formulate a national programme to quell the menace which was destroying young lives.    

By Dilanthi Jayamanne