St. Peter’s Appeals to Minister of Education


St. Peter’s College, one of the leading rugby-playing schools on the Island, has appealed to the Minister of Education in mitigation of the sanction after being found guilty of fielding an ineligible player during the recently concluded Dialog Schools’ Rugby League. As a result, St. Peter’s was disqualified from participating in the President’s Trophy knockout rugby tournament, which got underway on 27 August. Ceylon Today understands that further sanctions include St. Peter›s being demoted to the lowest division and working toward Division 1.

Consequent to the appeal, the Minister of Education has appointed the Chief Commissioner (Teacher Education) to report on the sanction regarding playing an ineligible player. Ceylon Today understands that the appeal is on the mitigation factors for lenient sanctions and not that there is a question on the player›s eligibility.

The appointment by the Minister is in keeping with the disciplinary process as contained in the tournament manual of the Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Football Association.

·        Therefore, the process is initially for a hearing by the Disciplinary Committee.

·        The next step is for the aggrieved party to appeal to the Sports Council of the Minister of Sports.

·        If there is still dissatisfaction, the next step is to appeal to the Secretary Ministry of Education.

·        The Minister in Charge of Education is the last resort in the process.

The appeal of St Peters and the appointment by the Minister of Education is part of the due process according to sources of the Ministry of Education and the Sri Lanka Schools Rugby Football Association.

 The last alternative, if the operation fails, is for the aggrieved party to seek the intervention of the courts.