Import ban to be reviewed every fortnight


The current import ban, which caused a significant impact on a number of industries, would be reviewed every two weeks and amended as necessary, Acting Cabinet Spokesman Dr. Ramesh Pathirana assured.

He said the amendments to the list would be submitted to Parliament for approval and the import ban would be abolished as soon as the forex crisis is solved.

He noted that this is not a permanent list and that several industry workers have submitted requests with regard to it. A committee that meets every two weeks is expected to assess this, he added.

He said the import ban put several companies in danger. He was addressing the weekly Cabinet media briefing yesterday (13), at the Department of Government Information.

He claimed that numerous trade unions had alerted them of the threat facing the entire industry as a result of the shortage of the supplies being imported.

“This is a passing occurrence. The ban will be revoked once the forex crisis is resolved. We examine the results of the import ban once every two weeks or on a weekly basis,” he added.

Speaking further, he noted that the