Govt mulls paying Samurdhi via QR code system


The Government is preparing plans to conduct a Samurdhi beneficiary programme through the QR code system.

Secretary to Ministry of Women, Child Affairs and Social Empowerment Neel Hapuhinna said they have selected over 3.2 million citizens so far for the Samurdhi programme that is being initiated to assist those who are in need of financial support due to the current economic crisis

Accordingly, the Samurdhi beneficiaries who are on the waiting list and the citizens who receive the allowance for disabilities and those who are on the waiting list will be aided through the programme, he said.

In addition to that, the individuals who receive the senior citizen allowance and those on the waiting list will also be included. The citizens who receive an allowance for kidney disease treatments will be included in the programme as well.

Chairperson of the Welfare Benefit Board, B. Wijayarathne said the citizens who are attached to above mentioned categories and the citizens who actually need the aid but do not receive any are requested to send an application before the 30 September.

He said, the relevant applications can be submitted through Grama Niladhari to the Divisional Secretariat.  Accordingly, the data will be systematised and following that a QR code system will be introduced for the people who should be entitled to the welfare subsidy.

He said two QR codes will be provided per family. The officers in charge for the relevant places can download the app called ‘Aswasuma’. Through the app they can get the information using the QR code of the citizens. He said through the app they can confirm the accurate information.

Therefore, the information will be updated to their system and it will be produced before the ‘selection committee’. The committee will be examining the information received. After their confirmation the final approval will be given by the Divisional Secretariat, he said.

He said a 22 criteria formula has been made with the assistance of Census and Statistic Department and then a list of potential beneficiaries will be prepared.

By Aloka Kasturiarachchi