Floating Market to become ‘Aragalaya ground’


A new ‘Aragalaya ground’ to influence innovative ideas that suit the modern world will be built in the Floating Market in Pettah by the combination of the youth community and State owned enterprises, President’s Chief of Staff Sagala Ratnayaka said.

He added that a place where the youth can exchange art, literature and information technology will be created.

He said at this premises the youth will be able to exchange their ideas freely and also have discussions with each other.

In addition to that, restaurants and spaces for art exhibitions and music festivals will be also held in this space, he said.

This will be a place where the youth can get economic value for their talents, and the Government is working to provide related facilities to them, Ratnayake said.

While claiming that the majority of the youth who involved in the ‘Aragalaya’ are innovative individuals, Ratnayake said they will be able to hone their skills through the above project.

He also pointed out that State enterprises will be directed to provide services for this purpose. He mentioned that the related plan will be handed over to President Ranil Wickremesinghe soon.

He further said a group of young people engaged in the ‘Aragalaya’ expressed their interest in this plan when they had discussions with the President.

Ratnayake expressed these views when a UNP youth group met in Colombo recently.