‘Gama Samanga Pilisandara’ spent Rs 50M on projects


A sum of Rs 50 million was spent on projects initiated by the ‘Gama Samanga Pilisandara’ programme, undertaken by former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, during the past 24-months, a Right to Information (RTI) request revealed.

‘Gama Samaga Pilisandara’ is part of the policies contained in the former President’s election manifesto titled ‘Vistas for Prosperity and Splendour.’

The President’s Media Division (PMD), in response to the RTI request, stated the aforesaid sum had been spent to oversee 14 now completed projects.

Out of which, 10 projects had been supervised directly by the former Army Commander and were connected to upgrading sports grounds and renovating sports pavilions. A sum of Rs 3.2 million had been spent on those projects.

Senior Assistant Secretary to the President S. K. Senadeera said the expenses had not been set aside separately and funds have been sought as part of the development projects initiated by the former President.

By Mithun Jayawardene