Arrested for stealing bus to visit girlfriend


Piliyandala Police yesterday (12) arrested a 17-year-old boy,  who stole a private bus, which was parked at Piliyandala bus terminal, to visit his girlfriend, while the bus drivers were watching the Asia Cup cricket final.

It was revealed that the suspect had visited his girlfriend, who is a resident of Moragahahena.

Police said, a group of drivers came to the terminal in their buses to watch the Asia Cup 2022 final on 11 September. They had parked their buses at the bus station and had gone to another place to watch the match. After the match they had returned to the place where the buses were parked and noticed that one was missing.

Then, drivers had immediately complained to the Piliyandala Police. Following the complaint, the Police had launched an investigation and several emergency roadblocks had been deployed.

The Police officers who were on duty at the roadblock on the Kasbewa-Piliyandala Road suspected a bus and ordered its driver to stop. At that time, the Police confirmed that the bus was the stolen vehicle. The Police had stopped the bus and chased after the suspect, who tried to run away, and arrested him. Later, it was revealed that he was coming back from visiting his girlfriend when he was caught by the Police.

The suspect had said that he came to the bus station to go and meet his girlfriend, but since there were no buses in service, he had stolen a bus and had gone to Moragahahena, Police claimed.

Further investigations revealed that the suspect had stolen a bus to visit his girlfriend on a previous occasion too. There, the suspect had stolen a bus in Homagama and was arrested by the Police while he was returning. The Piliyandala Police are conducting further investigations.

BY Aloka Kasturiarachchi