Rs 28B spent on chilli imports


The Ministry of Agriculture has imported 18,556 MT of chillies from January until July 2022, at a cost of over Rs 28 billion.

According to the ministry, if this money was given to farmers, the country would be able to produce the required amount of chillies and earn dollars by exporting chillies. While 60 per cent of the country’s chilli requirement is imported, farmers in Anuradhapura District have said they are prepared to provide 20 per cent of the chilli requirement.

It is also claimed that 80 per cent of this chilli crop was grown without the use of insecticides or chemical fertilisers. Through the Agriculture Sector Modernisation Project, the Ministry of Agriculture has provided all of the required facilities for these chilli farmers.

Thus, the most essential technology and equipment for chilli cultivation, modern cultivation creams, new pesticide practises, as well as the required packing strategies and market for sale, have been provided.

According to the Ministry, farmers also emphasised that as a result of this, one farmer earns Rs 7,400,000 per acre in six months. Furthermore, Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said many more chilli cultivation projects will be launched in the near future under agriculture sector projects.

By Nirmani Gunaratne