My Mother


Mother is the person who gave the whole universe. Mother is a real blessing of God. She is the only person who cares me, motivates me and loves me the most. She is important woman in my life. She is the woman who made me realise that heroes have no gender. She is the most precious woman that cannot be described in words. She is the first teacher who correct our wrongs and teaches us good attitudes. She worked very hard because of me and my family.

She is the person who stand near us in all the situations good or bad. She tries her best to do to the family. She loves me more than anything in this world. She is my chef who cooks us delicious and yummy foods. She will never do bad for us she always try to keep us happy. She gives her whole priority to our studies. She is my guide, my career counsellor, my best friend and above all my world. I have never found a person so near and dear to me except my mother.

Indeed, my mother is very strong, she gives me a great priority and support me when I face any challenges. She not only help and support but also encourages me to face the challenges in my life. She lead me to the right path Teach me to right path and to be truthful to everyone. I’m very proud of my mother and I love my mother so much.

By Rasha Aslam