Young or old everybody loves to watch cartoons. After a busy day at school I sit in front of the TV to watch my favourite cartoon. It is none other than the famous ‘Bluey’ show.

Bluey is a popular Australian cartoon series originally released on 1 October 2018. Bluey is a Blue heeler puppy lives with her mother Chilly, father Bandit and sister Bingo. Bluey is very curious and she always wants to explore and learn new things. Her dad is an archaeologist who loves to dig up bones. Her mom works for airport security where she sniffs and finds bad stuff. With her lovely family Bluey plays interesting, make to believe games and visits the park and the library. They love to invent new games and solve problems. When come to games Bluey is bit bossy but she’s always kind and helpful .Her best friend is Chloe and got many other friends namely Mackenze, Rusty and Bingo.

Not only children but adults also enjoy this famous cartoon. My mother says it’s educational for both kids and parents. I like the humour, kindness and silly stuff in Bluey show. Bluey gives us lot of life lessons. The games Bluey and her friends play, we can play at home too. Bluey makes me laugh and happy and at the same time I learn new things as well. 

By Nelith Madapathage