Highlighting the importance of developing Sri Lanka as an export-led economy, National Chamber of Exporters President Ravi Jayawardena urged the Government to Resurrect the Export Council of Ministers which was started during Minister Lalith Athulathmudali’s time.

According to him it will help share meetings with all ministers, deputy ministers and secretaries together with exporters to discuss all export related issues which can be resolved with the intervention of the relevant authorities.

Further He said that the majority of the people were subsidizing 1.5 million of State sector employees and half of them are unproductive.

Jayawardena questioned as to why those government employees are not allowed five years of no pay leave to find alternate employment, in the private sector or to become entrepreneurs, so that the burden on the government could be reduced.

He also highlighted the importance of creating employment opportunities for the younger generation, within the shortest possible time and added that Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector plays a vital role in supporting this cause. 

He congratulated the exporters on their great service to the country during this troublesome period with lingering issues of shortage of foreign currency, fuel and energy and many other social dilemmas

It is sensible that the country recognises the resilience with which the exporters perform against all odds being the saving grace of the nation by bringing ithe much needed foreign exchange to the country, he said.

He said, that the National Exporter Awards will be held on 2 December this year to recognize exporters who have contributed immensely to the national economy.

“The Annual Export Awards ceremony, organised by the NCE serves to recognize and reward Sri Lankan Exporters of products and services and also service providers to exporters, on their performance in the international market,” he said.

By Mario Andree