Resolving Sri Lanka’s crises requires diplomacy – Vajira


UNP Chairman MP Vajira Abeywardena yesterday (8) claimed that there is a need to strike a balance with international politics and moving the country forward to resolve its crises.

Abeywardena added that President Ranil Wickremesinghe is working with dedication to rebuild the collapsed economy. “Everyone must give their support to make the President’s vision a reality without causing rifts with each other. The bankrupted country can be transformed into developed country very soon when the proposals and plans of President Wickremesinghe come into effect.”

Addressing the media in Colombo, Abeywardena said that President Wickremesinghe had made clear his vision and mission in his policy statement in Parliament while stressing the necessity of adjusting the country’s foreign policy in a manner to strike a balance with Japan, China, India, Europe and USA.

“There can be some imbalances in the governing system. It could turn into doubt in the international political arena. President Wickremesinghe is of the view that suspicion must be eliminated as soon as possible. A budget report has been submitted in-line with the matter indicated in the policy statement. The budget shows how to administrate assistance and loans received from the rest of the world,” Abeywardena said.

“China and India are our long-time friends. Without creating any imbalance with them, action must be taken to stand up for ourselves as Sri Lankans without giving room for domination,” he added.

“We must stand as Sri Lankans, not with India or China or the US. Due to this President Wickremesinghe has invited the leaders of various political parties in Parliament to unite and rally under one umbrella, setting their personal considerations aside, to resolve the economic crisis the country is in today and to achieve sustainable development,” Abeywardena concluded.

By Naalir Jamaldeen