Army Women take to demining


Taking into consideration, the significance of their role in the ongoing demining operations, the Sri Lanka Army has taken the initiative to train their women cadres in demining for 1st time in its history. For this programme, the Sri Lanka Army’s Engineering Corp took the initiative under the direction of the Commander of the Army, in line with the Army’s ‘Way Forward Strategy 2020-2025’. 

This programme was initiated for two women’s batches comprising three lady officers and 51 from other ranks. As a motto of the Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps, ‘A powerful mind is the strongest weapon’, they, through a tough, highly mental and physically coordinated three-month demining training programme.

The first course of training was conducted at the Boo Oya in Vavuniya Engineers Brigade and second at 10 Field Engineers, located at Mailaddy in Jaffna.

Their day started before first light and included physical training, lectures, practical sessions etc., with mine handling technologies of universal standards. Well-phased programmes were conducted by Army combat Engineering experts. They handled and converted these soft hands, into skilful and robust ones. These graduated young Army women can now handle humanitarian demining anywhere in the world.

The certificate awarding ceremony of the first ever Sri Lanka Army women de-miners  was held at the Army headquarters on 8 September 2022, under the patronage of Lieutenant General Vikum Liyanage, Commander of the Army.

During the event, the Army Chief appreciated this knowledge. Moreover, as it sharpened skilful young women in their commitment and contribution to their future endeavours as humanitarian de-miners locally or overseas. 

By Nisal Rukshan