ÝouTube is the world’s largest video streaming website, dominating any competition thanks to its great creator community, which is diverse in many ways. There’s content for anything you could think of on this platform, including plenty of indie-horror productions that are on another level.

One of the biggest reasons why horror YouTube can be so frightening is the fact that unlike a movie, there is some sense of grounded realism to videos posted on the platform. If you’re brave enough, here are some channels where you can test your courage.


Imagine yourself trapped in a house, with the only way to connect with the outside world being uploading videos onto YouTube, but you are also haunted and terrorised by a number of demonic beings who are also sharing the house with you.

That’s exactly the horror that you will experience from the YouTube channel hiimmarymary, which tells the story of our protagonist trying to escape and survive. Of course, not everything is as it seems and you’re going to have to do some thinking with this series, because there is an underlying story to what is being portrayed and it’s up to you to figure out what’s going on.

Don’t hug me I’m Scared

In the simplest of explanations, Don’t hug me I’m Scared is best explained as Sesame Street goes wrong. Each episode features a set handful of characters with a theme or storyline, which starts very simple and wholesome, but then pulls a dark twist that you know is coming, but still catches you off guard.

If you pay close attention, you might realise that the entire show is an allegory to how dangerous and toxic modern children’s programming can be and the dark side of big media productions and how they destroy creativity and creators. It is a wonderfully creative piece of work and there’s already talk of a sequel coming to YouTube soon by the creators, for which I can’t wait for.

Crypt TV

The Marvel Cinematic universe is something that everyone is familiar of, with many trying to emulate its success, building their own narrative universes. While a lot have failed, Crypt TV is a YouTube channel that has been able to harness the storytelling medium of a narrative universe to deliver great monster and horror stories with its regular uploads. It does take some time for new episodes to come out, but that’s because of the level of quality that goes into the creation of these videos, which although aren’t on par with major Hollywood horror shows, it’s beyond anything you would normally expect from a YouTube channel, with amazing designs, complex narratives and shocking as well as gruesome monsters.

If you haven’t heard of Crypt TV, I highly recommend you give it a try.


It might be a bit difficult to find this channel because of how search engines work, but Dad is a channel you shouldn’t be missing out on, especially if you’re into science fiction thrillers and are worried about AIs taking over the world.

I won’t go into too many details about Dad, because Dad is dad, he is perfectly normal. There is nothing wrong with dad. Dadbot A7M2 is just and average regular guy. Just a boring old guy living a life in Town, USA. No one is being brainwashed by Dad. Dad is only dad. He is the best dad in all of the universes, and everything is fine.


One of the more recent additions to the world of YouTube horror, this channel is by far one of the creepiest YouTube channels to exist on the internet. It’s definitely a challenge watching this one in the middle of the night with no lights on (for me anyway). But it tells a deeply personal story about a person experiencing crippling depression and anxiety.

If you haven’t checked out
_Boisevert, I hope you do, because it’s definitely an experience worth giving a try.

The above are some of the best YouTube horror has to offer, and I hope that this is enough to keep you entertained and spooked as we inch ever closer to October, and when Halloween comes around.

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage