Substandard glyphosate in the market – Amaraweera


Minister of Agriculture Mahinda Amaraweera said low quality glyphosate is presently being sold in the country at exorbitant prices in powder and liquid form.

He stated that according to available data, annually around Rs 1.5 billion worth of glyphosate is being illegally imported and noted that due to this, the country was losing a sizeable revenue annually.

The Minister explained that it was immeasurable to estimate the risk caused to the lives of people due to the import of inferior quality glyphosate not to mention the untold damage its use causes to the environment.

Hence, Amaraweera added that his Ministry was willing to lift the ban imposed on its import as a solution to the import of sub-standard Glyphosate.

The Minister stated that he had taken the decision to lift the ban imposed on the import of glyphosate based on the advice and recommendations of experts in the agriculture sector.  

By Nirmani Guneratne