MPs’ claims over child malnutrition perplexing – Stalin


General Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union (CTU), Joseph Stalin says it is rather perplexing to find MPs insisting that the claims made with regard to acute malnutrition of children in the country were false when it has been clearly proved by experts in the field.

He said that MPs should desist from deceiving the masses by striving to portray the claims made by health experts as fabrications as they do not have proof to substantiate such remarks.

Stalin also questioned the rationale behind Government MPs attempting to ridicule the report compiled by UNICEF with regard to malnutrition of Sri Lankan children as mere falsehoods and instead challenged them to prove it is not so. He added that due to these tactics, efforts to nourish children would take a backseat and advised MPs to realise the gravity of the situation and address it accordingly rather than trying to save face or cater to the gallery with hollow rhetoric.