FSP slams President’s UNP anniversary speech


“We disgustingly condemn the President’s statement he made at the UNP’s 76th Anniversary celebration that accused the Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) of being responsible for the violence brewing in the country,” FSP General Secretary Kumar Gunartnam said.

He said that the President is trying to hide his unsuccessful political career by such statements.

Addressing the media at FSP Headquarters yesterday (7), Gunratnam alleged that the ‘Aragalaya’ was always peaceful and the violence in the ‘Aragalaya’ was created by the Rajapaksas and the SLPP.

“We request the public to be smart and think clearly when it comes to statements made by the authorities since there is an attempt to repress the ‘Aragalaya’ completely,” he said.

He claimed that the popular protests was sparked by the economic crisis and at a time the Government is failing to solve or find solutions to the crises, the President is pointing fingers at other parties.

Gunaratnam added that the Government is manipulating citizens by overtly discussing politics and economics.

Meanwhile, he demanded a price formula to increase salaries as there are price formulas for essential items in the country.

By Aloka Kasturiarachchi