Dehiwala Zoo tiger dies : ‘Kella’ loses battle with cancer


‘Kella,’ a 15-year-old Bengal Tiger housed at Dehiwala Zoological Garden, passed away on 5 September after a long battle with cancer. She was diagnosed with a type of cancer that spreads through the neck, contributing to her progressive deterioration.

Dr. Thilak Premakantha, Director General of the National Zoological Gardens said, the tiger had been operated on once in the last few weeks on her neck. The surgery was performed by a team of veterinarians from the National Zoological Gardens to remove benign growths on the tiger’s neck that were causing her a lot of pain.

Dr. Premakantha added that she had not recovered from her most recent operation. She died as a result of cancer-related complications.

‘Kella’ is the mother of three Bengal tiger cubs at Dehiwala Zoo named Akira, Duma, and Leo. Kella was brought to Dehiwala Zoo from the Xinjiang Safari Park, China in 2008 as part of an animal exchange programme, according to Dr. Premakantha. The veterinarians will perform an autopsy and other tests on her body. There are ten Bengal Tigers in Sri Lanka at present.

By Thameenah Razeek