PMB Ampara Regional Manager sent on compulsory leave


The Ampara Regional Manager of the Paddy Marketing Board (PMB) was sent on compulsory leave, with effect from yesterday (6), in connection with a stock of 4,000 kg of paddy that was found in an unusable state, at the Aralaganwila paddy warehouse, due to mismanagement.

The Ministry of Agriculture noted that while the said paddy warehouse is under the purview of the PMB, the stock of paddy was purchased from farmers in 2015. Minister of Agriculture, Mahinda Amaraweera yesterday (6), instructed the Chairman of PMB to investigate and take disciplinary actions against those responsible for the incident.

Accordingly, based on the report obtained by the Chairman of the PMB, the Ampara Regional Manager was sent on compulsory leave while Amaraweera instructed the Chairman of PMB to investigate into the activities of the Ampara Regional Manager within two weeks.

The PMB in 2020, instructed all regional managers to sell old stock of paddy held at paddy warehouses under the purview of the PMB for animal feed and the stock of 4,000kg of paddy bought in 2015 has been stored at the Aralaganwila warehouse, ignoring such instructions, without taking proper measures. ‘’If a public servant causes financial loss to the government and the country due to carelessness and inattention, he is no longer fit for public service,” Amaraweera noted. Amaraweera also instructed the Chairman of PMB to inspect paddy warehouses across the Island to find out if there are old stocks of paddy in such warehouses and give him a report immediately.

BY Faadhila Thassim