Cabinet green-lights National Nutrition Policy


Cabinet approved implementing the National Nutrition Policy 2021-2030 with the strategic framework for implementing the vision of providing adequate nutrition for all Sri Lankans.

‘The National Nutrition Policy 2021-2030’ was prepared to provide adequate nutrition to citizens, along with maintenance of a secure food environment that enables hygienic food consumption for citizens.

Food security has been identified as one of the most challenging issues during the ongoing economic crisis. The problem has been exacerbated due to the decline in domestic agricultural production and the rise in international prices. Under this situation, severe food shortages and price inflation can be expected in the future.

As a result, food security will further deteriorate. Access to essential commodities has been further complicated by rising unemployment and the huge impact on household incomes in the wake of the present economic crisis.

The capacity to purchase imported supplies has been limited due to the depreciation of the rupee and as a result, the prices of food may increase further. Accordingly, short-term national programmes have been developed to be implemented in the next two years as an urgent measure to ensure food security and nutrition. Accordingly, Cabinet approved the proposal presented by the President to establish a multi-sectoral integrated mechanism for food security and nutrition at the National Food Security and Nutrition Council and Provincial, District, Divisional, and Grama Niladhari Division levels to implement the said programmes efficiently and effectively

Meanwhile, safe management of household waste and human waste, as well as institutional, commercial, and industrial waste and their collection, purification, disposal, as well as related health practices, are considered sanitation. The United Nations considers the provision of sanitary services as a vital requirement in the development of a country according to its Sustainable Development Goals Agenda. Accordingly, the national policy and the master plan on sanitation have been prepared by the Ministry of Water Supply with the consultation of the Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Provincial Councils, and Local Governments, along with other relevant parties.

Cabinet approved the proposal tabled by the Minister of Water Supply to implement the said policy covering 2021-2030.