Cabinet Decisions


Trilateral MoU for cooperation in education sector

A proposal was tabled to sign a trilateral Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) among General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University, Institute for Research and Development in Health and Social Care in Sri Lanka, and the University of Keele of the United Kingdom for cooperation in the education sector. The proposed Memorandum of Understanding has been drafted including the observations of the Department of External Resources, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Attorney General, and Cabinet approved the proposal submitted by the President as the Minister of Defence to sign the aforementioned Memorandum of Understanding.

Agreement on cooperation between universities

Cabinet approved to sign the Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between universities.

A proposal was tabled to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University and Tianjin University of Architecture of China in regard to cooperation between universities. Clearance of the Attorney General has been received for the draft Memorandum of Understanding which includes the observations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of National Budget, and the Department of External Resources.

Establishment of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) National Agency

Cabinet approved the resolution tabled by the President as the Minister of Finance, Economic Stabilisation, and National Policies to establish the Public-Private Partnership National Agency under the Ministry of Finance, Economic Stabilisation, and National Policies to take necessary steps to encourage investment by furnishing proposals to identify obstacles and issues faced by investors in Sri Lanka and resolve them as well as identify and implement public-private partnership (PPP) projects within a specified time frame.

Integrated mechanism of carbon sequestration

Sri Lanka ratified the Paris Agreement on Climate Change on 21 September 2016. Accordingly, the nationally determined contribution in the fields of energy, industry, transport, waste, forests, and agriculture to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has been submitted to the United Nations. Japan introduced the Integrated Carbon Sequestration Mechanism in 2013. It aims to jointly reduce greenhouse gas emissions with developing countries and share the reduced amount proportionally between the contracting parties and Japan. Accordingly, Cabinet approved the proposal made by the Minister of Environment to sign a cooperation agreement between the two countries to implement the said mechanism between
Sri Lanka and Japan.

Bill for Gender, Equality, and Women’s Empowerment

The Ministry of Women, Child Affairs, and Social Empowerment has initiated several programmes to empower women by reducing gender imbalances in the society. These programmes have been designed to be implemented under ‘Liya Sarani’ National integration programme for women. The National Women’s Committee for Women’s Policy Formulation and Regulation and the
Sri Lanka Women’s Bureau for Women’s Empowerment and Development have not been functioning officially at the national level and this has been identified as one of the major weaknesses in the mechanism for women’s empowerment. Accordingly, Cabinet approved the proposal tabled by the President to request the Women Parliamentarians’ Caucus to prepare a preliminary draft, comprising relevant provisions to guarantee social equality as well as the rights and protection of Sri Lankan women, as the base for drafting the ‘Bill of Gender, Equality, and Women’s Empowerment.’