Body of baby elephant found in Kekirawa


Officers attached to the Ganewalpola Wildlife Department had found the remains of a six-year-old elephant calf at Manewa, Kekirawa on 5 September.

The Wildlife officers said they found the baby pachyderm’s corpse lying close to Manewa River near Manewa Mountain in Kekirawa.

They stated that the elephant had roamed around places such as Kalaweva National Park, Ritigala and Manewa areas.

A post mortem was conducted by veterinarian Udeshika Maduwanthi attached to the Anuradhapura, Pandulagama Wildlife Veterinary Unit and it revealed that the baby jumbo had succumbed to injuries to its mouth after consuming a ‘Hakkapatas’ (fruit stuffed with explosives) and over difficulties to consume food and drink water.

By Prasanga Ekanayake – Madatugama